In the baker's shop Sauer

We were allowed to watch in the baker's shop Sauer how bread is baked:

At first the ingredients are filled into a large container and are mixed.
Kneading machine Breads in the shelf
With this machine the paste is kneaded and formed. After this, the master baker places the bread forms in a mobile shelf and pushes it into a warm chamber.
The breads are allowed to rest in the shelf. Breads on the conveyor belt
Here the paste can rest. Now the breads are put on a conveyor belt and pushed into the oven.
Waiting for the finished breads The breads are finished
We were waiting excited for the finished breads. Finally the baker pulls out the breads. What a fragrance!
Children with paste We were allowed to take with us these pieces of paste and bake it in school. Everybody could now taste the delicious bread.

In the baker's shop Sauer there are used about 200 kg flour for bread at one day. They bake 1000 rolls each day and many different cakes and gâteaus.

We baked Stollen! Continue here...

Class 3b (school year 2001/2002)
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