A visit at Funke's farm

Gotthard Funke with his daughter-in-law The class 2 visited the farm of the Funke's family and could experience there a lot of interesting things. About 120 years ago the farmstead burned down. By then it was used agriculturally and as a corn mill. Since the reconstruction in 1889, only agriculture has been done. Siegfried Funke

The farm consists of a four-side yard, a residential building, stables and a barn. The large inner court is enclosed by these buildings.

From 1951 to 1967 Gotthart Funke was the owner of the farm.

millstone grindstone
A millstone which was worked into the paved court reminds one to the former use. 100 years ago axes, hatchets and knifes were sharpened with this grindstone. The hand-operated sharpening disk of sandstone runs through water to cool the metal while sharpening.
Wooden fork grain shovel
This fork of wood was made in 1908. It is used to up-vibrate straw. An old grain shovel aged 100 years, at the wall there are hanging a scythe and a wooden rake.
muck loader Silo
A muck loader. It was used to carry the muck from the stable. The muck was stored and used for fertilizing the fields. A silo, built in 1928, is used to store animal fodder for the winter.
Starting hook husking plough
A wooden starting hook – over 70 years old. It was used for the potato furrows. Horses were strained in front of this husking plough already more than 50 years ago.
Hay turning machine grass mower
A hay turning machine – with its turning arms it hurls hay through the air. The hay is turned for drying faster. A grass mower by Krupp cuts also high grass with its cutter bar.
clover rubbing machine pig box
A machine for rubbing clover – 100 years old. We tried the pig box.Schweinekasten haben wir selbst ausprobiert.
grain cleaner wind machine
A grain cleaner with riddles. A wind machine was used to separate grains and spelts.
sledge for a ride transport sledge
A sledge for a ride …and a sledge for transport
car wheels
With this car – about 70 years old – everybody likes to ride along gladly. The car wheels moved the heavy harvest cars which came from the field loaded with grain. The wheels were made of tough ash by the wheelwright. Still today big ashes are growing in front of many farmyards. Its wood was also used for shovel, fork and axe handles.
sheep horses
We like the animals very much. We admired the four horses for a long time.
a proud rider a coach ride
A proud rider A travel by the coach through the forest with Mr Funke is beautiful.
indians celebration coach
As Indians we travelled with the covered wagon. Funke's celebration coach
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